Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have been trading professionally for 22 years and just recently started using FXDD as a second platform.

There quotes are poor and worse is customer service.. It doesn't exist.. My advice is to leave which is just what I did in a very short period of time.


This broker appealed to us bcos we felt that the U.S.A brokers will be strictly regulated.

To cut the long story short I was electronically robbed.

Maybe because i am not resident in U.S.A.

After building an account from $7000 to about $13000.

They placed a bogus trade against me.

It was with a high lot.

Within some few minutes the account was almost eroded.

They stole my money.

Bad enough it was their automated platform that i was using as at that time.

I am trying to get Lawyer in U.S.A to help me slug it out with them .

these guys stole my money.

they stole my $10,000.


I have lost $7000 in one month on a managed account.

They advertise they make 300% per annum.
They should say they steal 300% per month.
their setups on their live accounts are bogus.
The bloggers are all plants and say how much they make everyday what a joke that is.
I have lost almost another $5000 on their mini account.



i would not use FXDD, if i want to put BIG MONEY in here.. !!!

their platform Often FREEZE / HANG , Slip during normal market !! im not trading news..
it's kind a sad, that all this testimonial ( 3 - 5 stars ) is all testimonial from SMALL nEWBIE in FOREX,and from commercial used ( like signal ( WSS )- it is their IB in indonesia !! , forex seminar , etc ) i guess they all only put around 500 - 1000usd,or Demo account !! but try to put BIG money !!and LIVE account !!
i can guarantee you, that your platform WILL FREEZE / HANG even in a new brand computer..

i would stay away from this BROKERS !!!

try live trading with big money

and they are not regulated to NFA and CFTC ..
in USA ((( they just pending , and just want to be regulated,after 2 - 3 years )) i think they are avoiding auditors

parents company ( tradition is different with FXDD )

i would rather go to Brokers that is licensed and already doing business above 6 years..